What is PlasmaPURE and How Does it Work?

PlasmaPURE - Residential- Commercial

Indoor air quality has been on the minds of many of us since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The bottom line is, cleaner air in our homes and the workplace keeps us healthy. As concerns about ventilation systems and interest in air cleaning devices have increased, many homeowners are unsure of the benefits of using air purifiers. Products such as the PlasmaPURE 602 and AC1500 are now available for commercial and residential use so it’s helpful to know how these devices clean indoor air and create healthier homes and workplaces.

Bipolar Ionization Explained

Once installed in the HVAC system, bipolar ionizers release thousands of positive and negative ions into the air. These atoms form a cluster around pathogens such as mold, bacteria, and viruses. This clustering triggers cell oxidation in the pathogens that neutralize it. The cluster has another benefit. While a microbial pathogen may slip past the HVAC filter, the cluster formed by the ions makes it easier to trap in the HEPA or MERV filter. 

These devices are safe, sustainable, and need very little maintenance. They are also energy-efficient and validated for ZERO Ozone Emissions. These devices work well for the home yet are made of heavy-duty materials for commercial-grade use. They remove pathogens such as Staph and E. coli as well as mold spores and bacteria. With cleaner indoor air that is free from allergens, you and your family will sleep better and feel better. Clean air is a concern in the workplace as well. These devices keep workers healthy and more productive.

PlasmaPLASMA Improves IAQ

PlasmaPURE technology cleans the air in K-12 schools, universities, dental and medical clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, spas, and gyms. This technology is also available to the public for use in apartments, condos, and houses. Bipolar ionizers keep building occupants healthy because once a pathogen, such as a coronavirus, is neutralized, it no longer poses a threat of infection. 

In addition to pathogens, PlasmaPURE ionizers also remove volatile organic compounds. VOCs are the chemicals found in commercial and household cleaning products but also furniture, fuels, paints, finishes, and building products.

With viruses inactive and chemicals neutralized then trapped in filters, the air is cleaner and healthier. Clean air provides relief to anyone in your home or workplace who suffers from asthma or allergies caused by dust, pollen, or smoke. Bipolar ionizers also remove allergens such as dust particles, pollen, and smoke so everyone breathes easier.

In the workplace, PlasmaPURE ionizers clean the air around the clock to keep workers healthy. Healthy employees are more productive, and that benefits the bottom line of business owners.

Benefits of Cleaner Air

Think of these devices as your home’s immune system. Your body releases white blood cells to attack viruses and bacteria. Ionizers do the same by releasing ions into the air to attack pathogens. It creates a self-healing home and protects your family from illness. 

There are other benefits to these devices. For example, bipolar ionizers cleaning the air indoors reduces the amount of air brought into the home from outside. When the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard, this lowers energy costs. Ionizers extend the life of HVAC filters too. 

Plasma PURE 602
The PlasmaPURE 602 neutralizes pathogens and removes them from the air at home or work.

PlasmaPURE Products

Two types of air cleaning products keep homes and offices safe. The PlasmaPURE 602 uses brush-style bipolar ionization technology, and the PlasmaPURE AutoClean 1500 uses a self-cleaning needlepoint ionizer. The PlasmaPURE 602 installs at the fan inlet of the air handling unit. It also installs in furnaces and the air stream of a ductless split system. An HVAC contractor can install it, or the PlasmaPURE AC1500, in about an hour.

PlasmaPURE 602

Bipolar ionization uses charged ions to remove contaminants from the air inside your home. These particulates include pathogens such as viruses, but also bacteria, mold spores, harmful gasses, and volatile organic compounds. The PlasmaPURE 602 received validation from the Underwriters Labs (UL) for ZERO Ozone Emissions making it sustainable as well as safe.

PlasmaPure AutoClean 1500 needlepoint bipolar ionization
The PlasmaPURE AC1500 uses needlepoint ionization to scrub indoor air clean of harmful particulates.

PlasmaPURE AC 1500

The PlasmaPURE AutoClean 1500 is a self-cleaning needlepoint ionizer for home use as well as light commercial use. Healthcare facilities and school campuses use these ionizers to provide clean air to students, patients, and staff. The device works with both older and newer HVAC systems and furnaces. It also has verification as a ZERO Ozone Emissions product.

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