UV Light For AC: Does It Protect Against Viruses?

UV light- air conditioners - HVAC

While the recent coronavirus pandemic appears to be receding, new variants give health officials cause for concern. Even as the immediate threat fades, the emergence of other viruses is only a matter of time. Frequent hand washing and the disinfection of hard surfaces is a good way to keep people safe from infection, but we should also focus on the air circulating inside the home and workplace. This includes HVAC systems. Fortunately, using UV lights for AC is an effective way to destroy harmful pathogens like SARS-CoV-2.

While HVAC systems use filters to trap dust and debris, they degrade over time. Even when operating at their peak with a high-efficiency HEPA filter in place, tiny particles still pass through. This means that particles, such as viruses under 0.3 microns, circulate in the air inside the building and infect building occupants. The use of UV light with AC and HVAC systems provides an extra level of protection against pathogens.

What Are UV Lights for HVAC?

Ultraviolet light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that exists outside the physical spectrum of light. It’s generated by the intense power of the sun and it’s what gives you a suntan, or a sunburn. It transmits in the form of waves and particles. UV radiation damages living tissue so limiting your exposure to it is smart. It can also be used to destroy bacteria and viruses like the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Using UV lights, and germicidal UVC lights in particular, helps fight the spread of viruses, but proper placement is key to its effectiveness.

UVC Lights for AC

The size of the HVAC unit determines how you place the UV light. In a residential home, a single UV light bulb placed in the evaporator coil suffices, but larger buildings require bigger solutions. One way commercial businesses fight virus spreads is with UVC robots.

UVC Bot 100
The UVC Bot 100 provides Ultraviolet C protection.

UVC Bot 100

A PURE-AIR disinfection robot is a great way to protect employees, customers, and any visitor to your business. These devices also use ultraviolet C (UVC) light to kill 99 percent of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. As a result, UVC Robots minimize the risk of cross-infection and improve sanitary conditions for indoor environments. Available units include models like the UVC Bot 100 that have wheels so they can move from room to room as needed. Other options for operation include stationary placement on the floor or mounting it to the ceiling. 

UVC Bot 200

The UVC Bot 200 uses UV lights for HVAC disinfection to destroy microbes in commercial spaces. This product also allows for timed disinfection and uses Wi-Fi technology for remote operation. These battery-powered units charge automatically and use 360° ultra-efficient sterilization to protect large rooms making them perfect for use in hospitals, classrooms,  restaurants, hotels, and office buildings. 

The UVC Bot 300 features autonomous navigation to cover large areas.

UVC Bot 300

One of the most powerful tools in the fight against viruses is the UVC Bot 300. This disinfection bot is designed to move autonomously as it disinfects with an ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection. Remote operation through the cloud makes it a useful and efficient UV light for AC and HVAC systems in any building. It delivers single-cycle, whole-room disinfection with UVC wavelengths between 200 and 300 nanometers. These germicidal wavelengths destroy microorganisms while remaining environmentally friendly and chemical-free. 

Another great feature of this bot is its use of the Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) system. After programming the bot with a navigation route, it operates autonomously. As the bot navigates a preset route it sprays disinfectant and destroys pathogens.

Other Tools to Fight Viruses

In addition to destroying pathogens, HVAC UV lights keep the evaporator coil clean. This extends the life of the unit and keeps it running smoothly which saves on energy costs. That said, UV lights for AC aren’t the only weapons available to fight the spread of viruses. Bipolar ionizers act as a second line of defense. These devices release thousands of charged atoms into the air which cluster around pathogens and destroy them. Bipolar ionizers are available for both commercial and residential use.

Of course, testing for viruses, allergens, and harmful gasses is another proactive step towards protecting staff at work and your family at home. DIY test kits are inexpensive, easy to use, and deliver fast results. Options include testing for COVID-19, bacteria, mold, allergens, fungi, and more.

Get UV Lights for AC

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