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Standing Thermal Scanners

If you’ve visited a dental office or healthcare facility over the past year you’ve likely had your body temperature recorded by a thermal scanner. It’s also not uncommon to see these devices used in businesses such as gyms, restaurants, and theaters too. In fact, all businesses should consider using these devices to protect their staff and patrons. That said, it’s important to know the differences between handheld and touchless thermal scanners and how they work.

Free Standing Temperature Scanner with hand san
Non-contact thermal scanners (stand included) are fast, accurate, and safe.

Standing Thermal Scanners

There are two types of devices that scan body temperature: handheld and non-contact free-standing scanners but non-contact thermal scanners are faster and more accurate. That higher degree of accuracy keeps people safer.

Standing kiosks with thermal and distance scanners are used at gyms, hair salons, restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and any place visited by a high volume of people. They do more than help businesses keep their staff and visitors safe from infection, they also show patrons that you take health concerns seriously.  

Touchless scanners can be placed at all points of entry at casinos, hotels, transit stations, galleries, museums, shopping centers, and grocery stores. Schools and universities use them too.

What to Consider When Buying a Thermal Scanner

When considering a non-contact temperature thermal scanner for your business, you want one with a 0.1 second response time and a detection range of between 95.9° F to 107.6° F. 

There are a few other considerations when purchasing a thermal scanner. Make sure it:

Is FDA-Compliant

  • Thermal scanners are a part of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) COVID-19 Policy to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 which recommends daily temperature screenings or symptom checks.

Handles High Volume

  • Standing devices are sturdy and can process a high volume of people at multiple entry points while requiring fewer staff members to operate.

Provides Accurate Readings

  • Fast is great but fast and accurate is better. You need a thermal scanner that returns results with a high level of accuracy. Even plus or minus one degree is too much when considering the health of workers and customers. Look for a device with accuracy within  +/-0.5°F.

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Benefits of Non-contact Thermal Scanners

Touch-less devices significantly reduce scanning times which can take up to 13 seconds for a staff member to use on a visitor. By contrast, a standing scanner is up to five times faster. Faster results reduce lines and require fewer staff members to monitor. They also require minimal cleaning times between uses. These devices are sturdy so they can handle a high volume of traffic in public areas. Volume purchases are available to lower costs. The device gives a clear audible and visual signal when it detects an abnormal body temperature. It works regardless of whether a person is wearing a mask or not. However, if a mask is not detected, the scanner gives an audible prompt for the person to put one on. An additional benefit is less money spent on staffing the personnel needed to screen people. 

Temperature Scanner
An 8-inch tablet displays results.

How Non-Contact Thermal Scanners Work

Set up is simple with all-in-one devices that include a stand, power cord, thermal sensor, and tablet computer. The scanners work at a distance between four and 24 inches. After a person enters the building they move their face close to the screen to allow detection. The scanner uses infrared technology to measure body temperatures in half of one second. It detects temperature in a range of 95.9° F to 107.6° F.

The device gives an audible and visual signal when it detects an abnormal temperature. A built-in speaker announces the normal body temperature and also provides the specific temperature value. A green light is visible to alert staff to a normal temperature. An abnormal temperature produces a red signal and alerts staff members. The scanner also indicates that a person should put on a mask if one is not detected. This quick, efficient process gives businesses the information needed to keep everyone safe.

Protect Your Staff and Visitors Today

Of course, thermal scanners are just one tool to keep building occupants safe. It’s also important to test for the virus on surfaces within the facility. Air purifying devices also work around the clock to remove the virus and other allergens from the air. It’s all a part of keeping employees and customers safe whether you operate a factory, retail store, or office. To discuss volume discounts or to learn about other devices that protect against COVID-19 infection call us today at 727-572-4550.

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