What is PM 0.3 and Why Is It Referenced So Much?

What is PM 0.3

As the pandemic continues with new variants, both business owners and homeowners worry about the quality of air indoors. After all, we spent the vast majority of our lives breathing indoor air. If you suffer from allergies and asthma, this topic of indoor air quality, (IAQ) is likely already on your radar. No matter your […]

HEPA Air Purifiers Fight COVID at Home; Dr. Fauci Agrees 


Dr. Fauci and the Air Purifier Dr. Fauci recommends the use of HEPA air purifiers to help keep indoor air free of the virus. Since COVID-19 has kept many of us in our homes for more than a year. It’s good to know that some level of normalcy is not far away. It’s also good […]

Thermal Scanners Get Fast, Accurate Results

Standing Thermal Scanners

If you’ve visited a dental office or healthcare facility over the past year you’ve likely had your body temperature recorded by a thermal scanner. It’s also not uncommon to see these devices used in businesses such as gyms, restaurants, and theaters too. In fact, all businesses should consider using these devices to protect their staff […]

CARES Act Elementary and Secondary Schools Relief

CARES Act Elementary Relief helps schools reopen safely.

Emergency Relief for Elementary and Secondary Schools Schools across the country face challenges in reopening. The U.S. Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security act to help. The CARES Act Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund provides the urgently needed resources for reopening schools safely. In this case, money is made available […]

Superintendent Reopening Guide for COVID-19

Superintendent reopening guide advises social distancing in the classroom.

Challenges for School Superintendent Reopening As schools reopen across the country the safety of students and staff top the list of concerns for administrators. While no one-size-fits-all solution exists for every school, taking basic steps and using recommended guidelines helps limit the threat posed by the coronavirus. The following superintendent reopening guide provides recommendations for […]

A Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit Gets Results

Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit

Test for the Coronavirus in Your Buildings The ongoing pandemic makes it critical for facilities managers to keep their buildings and staff safe. They need to know that their facilities are free from infection. Social distancing and hand washing policies are ineffective if the virus exists in the building. Once the presence of the virus […]

COVID-19 Testing: Is Your Building Safe?

Coronavirus Environmental Testing

Keep Buildings Safe with a COVID-19 Test Kit The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has given building and facilities managers a lot to think about. Keeping building staff and visitors safe is a top priority. It is now easy for managers to conduct COVID-19 testing and get fast, accurate results within days. The tests are easy to […]