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Consistently Poor Air Quality

San Antonio air contains high level of pollution and is unhealthy for sensitive groups. Time spent outdoors can lead to symptoms such as difficulty breathing or throat irritation.

Top 5 Worst Allergy Seasons

San Antonio, TX has some of the worst air quality in the country. Your home should be you solace from outdoor pollution. Comfort in you home promotes health, learning, and development.

What is the Cause of Your Allergies?

Eliminating the source of allergies in our homes enables us to focus on what’s important. Our family, our work, and not feeling so bogged down with allergies.

Identify the Cause

It’s our responsibility to find the cause of our allergies and address the root issue. Our home environment is a key layer to a healthy life. Find out what’s in your air.

San Antonio Allergens are a Real Issue!

Allergy suffers in San Antonio know they have it bad. It’s no surprise to us. Our home town of San Antonio’s climate, plant-life, mold count and air quality is the perfect recipe for nasty allergies.

In fact, we are among the worst in the country. Did you know the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American ranks San Antonio in the top 5 worst cities for both spring and fall allergies in the US? Here’s what you need to know help feel better.

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What's in the Air You are Breathing?


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Your Home and Your Health

With all of the airborne contaminants carried in the warm and dry San Antonio air, your home should be your sanctuary. Your home should protect you from harsh outdoor allergens. That’s why it’s important to test your home to identify what allergens native to San Antonio are getting into your home. Once they make it in your home, those millions of microscopic particles and contaminants that can thrive in your home and have adverse health effects for you and your family.

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Here’s What You Do

In San Antonio’s environment it’s necessary to identify what is in your home’s air and then take measures to address the cause of those contaminants. Left unchecked, contaminants such as mold, ragweed pollen, ozone, and VOCs can cause adverse health issues and make it a nightmare for you to get the rest and comfort you deserves in your home.

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San Antonio Allergen Sufferers, Next Steps

Get Answers

Get to the source for your indoor allergies with an easy-to-use Allergen Test Kit. It gives you the power to take a sample using the supplied Bio-Scan strip and then that sample is sent for analysis at a world-class laboratory. The detailed and easy to understand results are sent to you by email. Unlocking the mystery of what is in your air. Showing each pollutant identified, measured and with guidelines for what is considered to be normal or dangerous levels.

Test and Identify What Allergens and Contaminants are in Your Home

Allergen Test Kit

Take Action

Now that you know what is in your home. Take action and get to the source. If it is mold, check for leaks. They can be in your roof, in the HVAC system, under sinks, and in plumbing. If high levels of pollen are identified, check for broken seals around windows and entry ways and consider how many flowering plants you may have inside. If high levels of fiberglass are identified it’s possible that your air conditioning system may have damage to the ducts or the insulation could be deteriorating inside the air handler. It’s also possible that all you need to help reduce your indoor allergens is an appropriate Air Purifier like the AeraMax Pro 3. 

Then Remove those Contaminants from Your Home

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People Like You Have Changed Their Lives After Addressing Their Allergies

Detect and remove home allergens

Healthy Home

Actively identify what’s in the air inside your home. Learn what needs to be addressed to have a healthy home for you and your loved ones.

Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit

Healthy Work

It’s also a smart decision to test your workplace. Knowing what you’re being exposed to throughout the day helps you make wise and healthy choices.

Superintendent reopening guide advises social distancing in the classroom.

Healthy Kids

As schools and pre-schools prepare to reopen, their buildings have been mostly vacant for months. It’s important to to check if mold or other contaminants have become present.

Airport and Institutional bipolar ionization

Scientific Results

Lab results are provided by the accredited Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory. World-class analysis. The same lab utilized by building scientists and industrial hygienists across the globe.

Your Home May Contain Harmful Allergens and Contaminants.

Outdoor pollutants are extremely high in San Antonio. Your Home is your santuary from those outdoor contaminants. Test your home to find out what pollutants and allergens may be present. Purchase your Allergen Test Kit today.

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