Tube Style Ionizers

The Tube Ionizers are one, two or five tube(s) commercial quality units, intended for installation in air handling units (AHU), furnaces, or duct systems for residential and commercial applications. This ionization equipment is effective in reducing harmful pollutants and odors by introducing positive and negative ions into the system airflow. The number of units and the size of the ionization tubes are dependent on the airflow in the system and the severity of the pollution problem. See chart about recommended products on the Product Selection Guide page.

Selecting the proper ionization equipment is important for achieving all the benefits from the ionization system. In commercial or industrial projects, pollutants such as airborne particles from smoke, dust, spores; VOCs from cleaning supplies, glues, paints, or other chemicals; odors from locker rooms, cooking, nursing homes, industrial processes; and even health related concerns from mold, bacteria, and viruses all contribute to poor indoor air quality. The information below will guide you through the process.

Tube ionizers install in the supply air ductwork or air handler. Ionizers go in both new equipment or get retrofitted into older systems. First, the positive and negative ions generated by the device get released whenever air is flowing through the ductwork. Next, the ions form a cluster around harmful viruses, mold, and bacteria. Then, they trigger oxidation in these particle’s cells causing a breakdown of gases. Similarly, ionization eliminates volatile organic compounds and neutralizes odors. Coronavirus is too small to get trapped by most filtration systems. However, charged clusters of clumped particles are easier for filters to catch and remove from the air. The result is a cleaner, healthier environment with less risk of infectious outbreaks. Read more...

The Plasma Air 100 Series ion generator is a one-tube commercial quality unit with an airflow capacity from 1,500 to 3,500 CFM (Option C,D,E).

The Plasma Air 200 Series ion generator is a two-tube commercial quality unit with an airflow capacity from 4,000 to 5,000 CFM (Option D,E).

The Plasma Air 300 Series ion generator is a five-tube commercial quality unit with an airflow capacity up to 8,000 CFM.

Tube Ionizer Plasma Air 100

200 Series

Tube Ionizer Plasma Air 200

200 Series

Plasma Air 50

50 Series