Static Pressure Manometer



EA SPM-100 Smartphone Static Pressure Meter

Technical Data:
Operational temperature range: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
Operational temperature range full accuracy: -32°F to +149°F (0°C to +65°C)
Power: Panasonic 3.6V, CR 2450 Coin Cell Lithium Battery
Battery Life: >500 hours
Auto power off 30 seconds after closing or minimizing app or no connection
Units of Measure: inWC, inHg, psi, mmWC, mmHg, Pa, kPa, mBar
Resolution: 0.004 inWC
Pressure range: ±75 inWC
Dual Ports for rubber tubing 1/8” ID
Absolute Accuracy 0 to 65°C (32 to149°F): typical .4 inWC

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