Nursing Home Air Purifiers Protect Seniors

Air Purifier Nursing Homes

Seniors in nursing homes need extra protection against the spread of viruses. This segment of the population continues to suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, eight out of ten COVID-19 deaths in the United States are people 65 and older. Seniors age 85 and older face the greatest risk from the virus. This, of course, puts a strain on skilled nursing facilities already facing economic challenges. Nursing home air purifiers are an affordable and effective tool in the fight against viruses. They provide a continuous supply of clean air to get rid of bacteria, mold, fungus, chemicals, and odors.

Air Purifiers in Nursing Homes

The potential for the coronavirus to spread through airborne transmission is well known. This makes nursing home air purifiers a critical part of keeping residents safe. The virus clings to thousands of tiny droplets released when we cough or sneeze. These droplets remain in the air for hours. They get brought into the lungs when we breathe. They also land on hard surfaces where they transfer to us when we touch the surface and then our nose or mouth. This poses a great risk to seniors with underlying medical conditions. 

Nursing homes deal with this in several ways. Firstly, increased disinfection of high-touch surfaces reduces the spread. Secondly, continued social distancing between residents also reduces risk. A third solution, however, are nursing home air purifiers. 

Air purification is an added safeguard to improve indoor air quality and limit viral infections. Nursing home directors must also take a combined approach to IAQ issues. Regular inspections and disinfection of HVAC systems are recommended.

AeraMax Pro 3 HEPA filter
Air purifiers destroy viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens.

Nursing Home Air Purifiers and IAQ

Air purifiers limit the levels of particulates in the air. This includes viruses, but also bacteria and mold. These air-cleaning devices also remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in building materials, paint, furniture, and cleaning supplies. In short, they protect nursing home residents and improve indoor air quality.

Different wall-mounted nursing home air purifiers provide different amounts of clean air. For example, the AeraMax Professional III provides enough clean air for rooms up to 550 feet while the AeraMax Professional IV cleans rooms up to 1,100 square feet. This gives facilities directors flexibility. For example, the larger nursing home air purifier placed in waiting areas, lobbies, or other common areas of varying sizes provide air changes as often as every 20 minutes. The smaller model works well in living areas and restrooms.

How Air Purifiers Work

Air purifiers contain a carbon filtration system. Filters absorb pathogens and particles such as the VOCs found in cleaning products. They also remove odors and use a HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of any airborne contaminants that pass through the carbon filter. 

Effective nursing home air purifiers use PlasmaTrue™ bipolar ionization to destroy viruses and bacteria. This process releases thousands of charged atoms into the air. The atoms cluster around pathogens and destroy them while also making them easier to trap in the filter. Smart technology allows the purifiers to adjust according to motion in the room. The more people in the room, the harder the devices work to clean the air. 

Available stands allow these devices to be moved from room to room but wall-mounted units fit seamlessly into the decor. Staff and residents won’t notice them as they protect them against the spread of viruses. In fact, many schools and universities use these devices in classrooms where they go unnoticed by students and faculty. Spas, gyms, restaurants, and hospitals also use air purifiers to keep patrons and patients safe. 

Get Nursing Home Air Purifiers Today!

Nursing homes provide many services to seniors. They are residences, healthcare facilities, and foodservice providers. Socialization is another important part of the care they provide. However, the health of the residents is the biggest concern. Protect the seniors in your care with commercial-grade nursing home air purifiers. For more information on how to get air purifiers in your facility, call 727-572-4550 today.