Home Ionizer Breakthrough: PURE Plasma Air 600

A home ionizers clean air.

Are You Breathing Clean Air in Your Home?

If you have concerns about the outside air, there’s a good reason. Outside pollen and pollution impact our health, for sure, but what many people don’t realize is that the air inside our homes presents great risks as well. As much time as we spend in our homes every day, why shouldn’t we also have access to clean air inside? Not only is it possible, it’s easy with a home ionizer. The PURE Plasma Air 600 is an affordable way to bring commercial-grade needlepoint ionization into your home. This device helps eliminate particulates in the air so you can breathe cleaner air. It also eliminates odors and provides relief to allergy sufferers.

What are Particulates?

We take it for granted that the air we breathe inside our homes is cleaner than the air outside, but this is a false assumption. In fact, indoor air can be 2-4 times as bad as outside air. This is because of particulates — a mixture of liquid and solid matter that float through the air. They’re everywhere! While most are harmless, some contain harmful pathogens.

For example, some particles contain viruses that can make us sick. Not only that, but our HVAC system actually helps circulate them and are not effective in filtering out tiny particles like the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. This puts you and your family at risk of breathing in viruses, as well as mold spores and bacteria.

If you or someone in your home has allergies, then the situation is made even worse. A home ionizer reduces allergens so you can stop suffering from allergy and asthma-like symptoms. 

What is Home Ionization?

Ionization is when an atom gets either a positive or negative charge. The needlepoint ionizer in the PURE Plasma Air 600 emits a stream of these ions into the air. The positive and negative ions cluster around airborne particles and kill them. These clusters are also larger than free-floating particles so they get trapped by HVAC filters. This protects your family from harmful pathogens and lets them breathe easier.

PURE Plasma Air 600 Home Ionizer

The PURE Plasma Air 600 uses ionization to take airborne contaminants out. The device “scrubs” the air clean of bacteria, viruses, and mold but also eliminates odors. 

PURE Plasma Air 600’s compact design makes it easy to install. It fits with any size HVAC system old or new. One ionizer covers up to 2,000 square feet of your home. It’s also just as easy to maintain with no expensive filters to replace.

If you’re concerned about the health of your family and the air they breathe a home ionizer is the solution.

Protect Your Family with a Home Ionizer 

It does not cost thousands of dollars to keep your family safe and healthy. The PURE Plasma Air 600 home ionizer does it for a fraction of the cost while cleaning up to 2,400 cubic feet per minute. So start breathing better today. Call us at 727-572-4550 with your questions about home ionization. We also have a full line of commercial ionizers and other products to improve IAQ.