Home Allergens: How to Detect and Remove

Detect and remove home allergens

How to Remove Allergens from Your Home: Detect and Remove Home Allergens

Is there something in your house that makes you sneeze? Do you get a stuffy, itchy nose when you’re sitting on the couch? Do your eyes water when you’re in your bedroom? Home allergens may be the reason. If you experience these or other symptoms such as skin rashes or dry cough, find the source. It could be tiny particles, called allergens, that are making you sick. These particles may cause a runny nose and throat irritation as well as more serious conditions such as asthma. Detect and remove home allergens and start breathing easier.

Allergen Test Kit - Home and Work - Indoor Environment
Detection is the first step to fighting home allergens.

Detecting Allergens in the Home

You may suspect that your pet is making you sick. Maybe it’s dust and mold causing you discomfort. It’s difficult to know for sure, however, the easiest way to find out is with a home allergen test kit. An allergen test kit lets you know what particles are in your home and at what concentrations. Abnormally high levels are indicators of what may be making your family feel ill. These affordable kits identify allergens such as mold, dust mites, pollen, fiberglass and dead skin cells among other contaminants. They alert you to to the concentration level of these particles. The DIY kits let you take surface samples, after which, you send them into an accredited lab for analysis. Then a detailed report is provided within three to five days explaining what was found in your indoor air. The results help you get to the source of what is degrading your indoor air quality so  action can be taken to improve you indoor air quality. 

Eliminate Home Allergens

Most of us spend about 80 – 90% of an average day indoors. Now that we’re working home that estimate has gone up. We need to pay attention to the air we breathe. Once you know what allergens exist in your home, make a plan to deal with them. This requires washing bedding more often or using hypoallergenic mattress and pillow coverings. Also, keeping pets out of the bedroom helps. Using air purifiers and cleaning with a HEPA filter vacuum are also effective ways to keep allergen levels in your home under control.

Use a HEPA Vacuum 

Home Allergens - Detect and Remove - Improve IAQ
HEPA filters remove allergens from floor coverings and furniture.

When you’re wondering how to remove allergens from your home, consider that many allergens eventually settle to surfaces in your home and end up on the floor. A vacuum with a HEPA filter is a great way to remove allergens from rugs, carpeting, and furniture. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate absorbing and it meets the efficiency standard for filters. A HEPA vacuum contains a washable filter in a sealed HEPA system. An extension wand, upholstery brush, and crevice tool let you reach into every corner of the room and furniture. This AAFA-certified vacuum helps rid your home of allergens allowing for cleaner air and easier breathing.

Get an Air Filter or Air Purifier

AeramaxPRO AM 2 - Aeramax PRO AM IIAir purifiers improve indoor air quality. For example, the AeraMax PRO 2 Air Purifier uses HEPA filtration to take contaminants out of the air. A carbon filter absorbs large particles and then the HEPA filter trap 99.7 percent of what remains. It’s the same type of filter used by schools and healthcare facilities. Because it detects sound, motion, even odors, it responds to changes in the room. It is efficient and low maintenance, so it keeps energy costs low too.

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