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We are here to provide you with the support you need to be a successful ionization contractor. We are distributors of needlepoint bipolar ionization products and plasma ionizers utilizing needlepoint bipolar ionization. All of our ionizers are UL 2998 certified for ZERO ozone emission. This is the new global standard in commercial and residential indoor air quality. The highest rated and most efficient ionizers in the industry utilize needle point, and  have been shown to be effective at neutralizing viruses, bacteria, mold, and more in the air. Become a Dealer Now!

UL 2998 Bipolar Ionization by Plasma Air International

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Plasma Air Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization and Brush Style Ionizers

Select the plasma air ionization option that best fits your use case, whether it be a furnace, air conditioner, roof top unit (RTU), an air handler unit (AHU), or a duct-mount configuration, we have right plasma ionizer for you. Below, see the different form factors. Next we’ll cover specs and will provide a chart for taking concentration of contaminants into consideration. This is called “Load Factor”, referring to the number of particles that can be in your air depending on what the building is used for, this helps choice the ionization best suited for your space.

Global Plasma Solutions Price

Ionizers retail price ranges from $500 to $5,000+ depending on the configuration and size of units. Plasma solutions treating up to 2400 CFM, like the Plasma Air 600, can be found for $500, where larger “Bar” style configurations can cost $5,000 or more depending on size requirements.

Quick Facts

According to the EPA, 68% of diseases relate back to indoor air pollution.

The Harvard Business Review’s 2019 study showed that, among workplace wellness perks, the one that mattered to employees most (above comfortable lighting, water quality, and even fitness facilities) was indoor air quality. Employees hate sick buildings and feeling unwell in the workplace.

In a 2016, a Harvard Business Review study showed that indoor air pollution is ‘making office workers less productive.’

Additionally, a Berkeley Lab study revealed that there is up to a 16% increase in productivity; a Harvard University study revealed a 61% higher cognitive; a World Green Building Council study revealed an 11% increase in productivity; and a Harvard Business Review found a productivity benefit equivalent to $6,500 per employee per year related to significant air quality improvements.

Bipolar Ionization for HVAC

Pure Plasma Air 600Our most popular air purifiers feature Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization. Ions help clump airborne particulate to make them capable of being captured by filters. A perfect example is when tiny viruses are suspended in the air, charged ions are drawn to those viral particles. When the ion connects to that virus the cell wall is broken down and the virus is eradicated. The non-viable detritus is clumped into larger particle clusters and can now be caught in the HVAC systems air filter. Without ionization, these particles would otherwise be too small to filter out.

Easy, Whole Building Ionization

First, the positive and negative ions generated by the device get released whenever air is flowing through the ductwork. Next, the ions form a cluster around harmful viruses, mold, and bacteria. Then, they trigger oxidation in these particle’s cells causing a breakdown of gases. Similarly, ionization eliminates volatile organic compounds and neutralizes odors. Coronavirus is too small to get trapped by most filtration systems. However, charged clusters of clumped particles are easier for filters to catch and remove from the air. The result is a cleaner, healthier environment with less risk of infectious outbreaks.

NPBI Cleans the Indoor Air Around the Globe

Globally, plasma generator solutions and needlepoint bipolar ionization are helping facilities clean their air due to their high level of efficacy and cost-effectiveness. NPBI technology generates high levels of positive and negative ions. The ions are delivered though the building ventilation system in the air stream. In this process, the ions are drawn to particles in the air and clump to those particles/contaminants becoming larger, making them more easily filtered from the air by a quality air filter. Across the global market, plasma ionization solutions are becoming the “go-to” air purifier choice due to the simplicity of installation (ie. central installation into existing HVAC systems) and the scientific support the technology has received.

When ions come in contact with pathogens, they neutralize them by disrupting the pathogens’ surface proteins, rendering them inactive.

Where do Ions Come From?

In nature, ions are everywhere and they are constantly working to clean the air. Ions are created with energy from rushing water, crashing waves and even sunlight. GPS’ NPBI technology generates ions without producing ozone or other harmful byproducts, so you can bring outdoor freshness indoors.


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