The Fitness Lifestyle for Your Home

You do at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. You track your movement and achieve your health goals. But now there are more factors to consider than just your physical wellness.

For the new environmental health concerns that have arisen, a new method of preventative measures must be incorporated into our lives. Introducing the Plasma Air 600, it turns your home ventilation system into an active defense against new health concerns such as airborne viruses.

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Bring Your Home Environment into Balance

With challenges all around us it’s important to have a healthy and comfortable place to rest your head. An environment free of airborne viruses and indoor contaminants provides better rest, better comfort, and better health.

Unfortunately, contaminants make their way into our homes and circulate through the heating, ventilation, and cooling system. Filters alone are not enough to stop them.

Plasma Air 600 compounds the effectiveness of your filtration while actively seeking out and neutralizing viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold, and more. It’s like an immune system for you home.


Your home is your solace from the stresses of the outside world. Relax, recharge, and grow. Comfort promotes health, learning, and development.


Actively pursue the activities, choices and lifestyle that leads you to a state of holistic health. Including, physical, emotional, environmental and occupational.


Eliminating waste in our lives enables focus to be placed on what’s important. Bringing a variety of benefits to our environment, savings, and more.


As new threats emerge it’s our responsibility to rise above. Safety is a foundational layer to healthy life for you and your loved ones.

Turn Your Home into a Self-healing Home

Detect and remove home allergens

Healthy Home

Actively protect your home, health, and loved ones by turning your home heating and air conditioning system into a whole-home air purifier.

Coronavirus Environmental Test Kit

Healthy Work

It’s even powerful enough for small offices offices. Now protective air purification technology like this is available to the savvy consumer.

Superintendent reopening guide advises social distancing in the classroom.

Healthy Kids

As schools prepare for the new normal, Plasma Air 600 has helped school districts across the country have successful reopenings.

Airport and Institutional bipolar ionization

Proven Technology

Needlepoint Brush-style Bipolar Ionization was first adopted in airports and hospitality. It’s a proven effective solution to whole-building purification.

Bring Your Home Environment into Balance

Turn your home’s heating and cooling system into a whole-home air purification system. Actively neutralizing threats such as viruses, mold, and more. Bring balance to your home environment. Purchase your Plasma Air 600 today.

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