Test for Multiple Contaminates with Evalu-aire Test Kits

Do it yourself indoor air quality testing has never been easier with Evalu-aire Test Kits, the best way to test for multiple indoor environmental contaminates. Evalu-aire Test Kits are used to identify indoor air contaminants for a wide range of different situations and levels of testing. Whether for at home DIY use or a full forensic level assessments of building health, Evalu-aire Test Kits come in a size for every need. Please use the carousel slider controls below to browse through all the available kits.

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Each kit below includes the required indoor air quality testing equipment, sampling media, and accredited lab analysis.

Evalu-aire Test Your Nest, if you’re an expecting parentis this kit perfect when preparing your home or nursery for the new addition to your family. Includes air-o-cell, surface and chemical testing.

Evalu-aire Basic is the go-to test kit to address most common testing needs which includes both air-o-cell and surface testing.

Evalu-aire 2000

Evalu-aire 5000

Evalu-aire 4000

Evalu-Aire Pro Plus

Environmental Air Quality Testing is Empowering

IndoorAirTest.com is proud to offer professional quality air quality testing products to the do-it-yourselfer and pros alike. Air tests like these empower homeowners and fortify the service offerings of HVAC contractors and save facilities managers many thousands of dollars per year. For homeowners and facilities managers, these savings can be directed to addressing the root cause of any issue that may exist. For HVAC contractors, air tests provide your customers with valuable data and your company with a new line of service offerings. Air quality tests promote good health and comfort and are financially advantageous. Choose the right kit for your needs and feel free to reach out with questions.

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Testing results are provided by Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory and other accredited partner labs.

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