Does Bipolar Ionization Work Against the Coronavirus?

Bipolar Ionizers Work Against Viruses

Does bipolar ionization work? The short answer is yes, but it’s good to know how it works and how effective it is against COVID-19.

We learned a lot about the coronavirus in 2020. For example, we now know the virus can stay in the air for several hours. This happens when it attaches to the tiny droplets of water expelled after coughing, sneezing, and talking loudly. We also learned that bipolar ionization is effective in destroying pathogens like coronavirus. It also kills bacteria, mold, allergens, and neutralizes odors.

What is Bipolar Ionization?

For decades, bipolar ionization’s work in cleaning inside air has been well documented. This is important because the air we breathe inside our home is just as polluted as the air outdoors. In fact, it may be between two and four times worse. 

Outside air enters the home through doors, windows, and HVAC systems. It also enters through cracks in floors, ceilings, and walls. This air contains harmful pollutants for sure, but indoor air also can contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs result when household cleaning products break down. These particles, which contain a mix of both liquids and solids, including viruses, are light enough to stay suspended in the air for hours. Air conditioners and HVAC systems do not remove them from the air. In fact, these systems circulate the particles throughout the home. While most of these particles are harmless, some are pathogens like viruses and bacteria that make us sick. The coronavirus is just one example.

Hospitals, airports, universities, and commercial buildings know bipolar ionization does work to protect their patients, visitors, staff, and students. Now portable standalone models help clean the air in residential homes. They are an effective, affordable way to get cleaner indoor air.

AeraMax Pro 2 HEPA filter
The AeraMax Professional II can be moved to any room of the house.

Does Bipolar Ionization Work Against Pathogens?

Pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and mold—these things put your health at risk. The risk is even higher for those suffering from allergies or asthma. The solution is a home ionizer. These devices release ions into the air which then form a cluster around particles. These clusters kill viruses while also making them large enough for HVAC filters to trap. The result is cleaner air for you and your family.

The PURE Plasma Air 600 has a compact design which makes it easy to install. It brings commercial-grade performance to the home. This device for bipolar ionization does work with both new and older systems to clean up to 2,000 square feet. Wall-mounted devices, such as the AeraMax Professional AM II – Air Purifier – Recess Kit fit seamlessly into the wall and a floor stand allows the devices to be moved from room to room.

Get Cleaner Air Today 

Once only available to commercial businesses and medical facilities, bipolar ionization is now available for the home. Seamless, effective, and affordable, these devices answer the question, does bipolar ionization work? If you still have questions about bipolar ionization, give us a call at 727-572-4550 and we’ll help you improve the air quality of your home today.