What Others have to Say about IAQ Screen Check Products

The IAQ Screen Check (Bio Scan 400) has opened many sales and service opportunities for our company.
Ron Zajack / President of Coastal Cooling in Ft. Meyers, Florida

Your easy to use and intuitive (IAQ Screen Check) product provided us with timely evaluation needed. Your careful hand holding through the process and resulting recommendations have yielded a better environment.
Stephan Erkelens / Executive Director with Think Together from Santa Anna, CA

As a result of providing a full IAQ service and mechanical we have been able to secure service agreements that otherwise we would not have been able to get.
Dimitrios Moutafis / President of Delta Mechanical in Clearwater, FL

The test (IAQ Screen Check) you offer is a wonderful help to people who wish to safeguard their health. Your test unmasks these invisible hazards and allowed us to take corrective action as needed. I would recommend it to anyone.
Anne Hatfield / Santa Rosa, CA

I tested a more comprehensive kit than these, and that kit serves as an excellent tool for pinning down problem triggers in the house before investing in pricey abatement procedures.
Amy Anaruk / Denver, CO

★★★★★ I will highly recomend EDLab and this kit. Quick results and great phone support and assistance!

I detected some black powdery residue at the base of our bedroom air filter and accumulated in the filter itself. Living in Florida, I thought we may have a mold problem. I ordered this mold analysis kit from EDLab through Amazon and received it within a couple of days. I followed the simple instructions and mailed the sample back. The results came back in just a few days by e-mail in the form of a very thorough laboratory analysis of the samples showing no mold. I called their toll free number and talked with the actual chemist who did the analysis of my sample. He took the time to explain all the findings of normal household microscopic particles in the sample and reassured me there was no mold present. In the microscope he could visually see some black, opaque particles that were not mold; but that the test was not design to analyze chemically. Since I wanted to know what the black powder was, I asked if I could send them the actual filter cartridge for further analysis. He put me in contact with the office and I was instructed how to ship the filter and told that I would be called with an estimate of the cost of any further chemical analysis they may recommend to determine the nature of the particles. After they received the filter they call me and recommended an initial test with a cost of $35 which I authorized. A few day latter I received a very extensive chemical analysis of what was on the filter: definitely no mold but lots of soot from an undetermined combustion source. Eureka! It turns out my wife has been burning “fragrance” candles frequently, not too far from the filter, prior to me noticing the black deposits. The caring and great customer support provided by EDLab personnel was outstanding and the final results provided us with the peace of mind of knowing our home air quality is excellent. All for under $100 total!

★★★★★ Simple and Effective

The test is easy. Simply open the case, fill out the form, peel back the tape, apply the tape to a horizontal surface, close the tape, close the case, drop the case and form into the pre-paid envelope. Results are returned by e-mail with a pdf mold report in 1-2 weeks. This test covers multiple species. My first test revealed 10 different species. The second test revealed six species that were common to the first test. The difference was location – the original flooded room and the building ventilation, respectively. The test results identify the species with paragraph descriptions for each species describing colors, shapes, habitats, and associated diseases and allergies. The lab report provides e-mail and phone number for contacting the lab. The lab staff are very friendly, courteous, and tremendously helpful explaining what their report means. I used this test twice to prove mold where I am forced to work. My doctors are using the reports to write statements recommending my removal from the mold hazards in a room and throughout the ventilation.

★★★★★ Mold Test Kit

Sandra Davidson Test was very simple to perform, results were received back in a timely manner w/name and number for contact at lab. We called the lab and spoke with this contact immediately who answered our questions.

★★★★☆ Breath

This looked great, but unfortunately we did not get a chance to use, just ended up moving out of the suspected moldy place instead.probably would have confirmed our suspicions.