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Which PURE-Plasma Solution is Right for Your Application and Pollutant Levels?

This guide will help you select the proper plasma pure ionizer for your needs, taking into consideration your specific use case and the concentration of ionization best suited for it.

PURE Plasma Tube Style Ionizers

PURE-Tube Ionizers - 100 Series
PURE Tube Ionizers - 200 Series
PURE Tube Ionizers - 500 Series
Plasma Bar X - Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization / Ionizer Systems

Airflow (CFM) & Recommended Product(s)

Load Factor RatingExample Environments1,000 CFM2,000 CFM3,000 CFM5,000 CFM8,000 CFM10,000 CFM20,000 CFM

Office, Classroom, Library, Church, Day Care Center

600600 or 72007300, PB-24 or PBX-247400, PB-24 or PBX-24

(2) 7300, PB-42 or PBX-42

(2) 7400, PB-48 or PBX-48

(4) 7400, (2) PB-48 or (2) PBX-48


Gymnasium, Auditorium, Arena, Athletic Facility, Cafeteria, Hospital

600, 7200, PB-18 or PBX-18 

7300, PB-24 or PBX-24

7400, PB-30 or PBX-30

(2) 7300 or PB-42 or PBX-42 

(2) 7400, PB-60 or PBX-60(3) 7400, PB-72 or PBX-72(2) PB- 72, (2) PB- 72 or PBX-144
CCannabis Grow Facility, Senior Living, Airport, Non-Smoking Casino, Train Station100D, PB-18 or PBX-18100E, PB-24 or PBX-24200E, PB-24 or PBX-2450E, PB-48 or PBX-4850F, PB-72 or PBX-72(2) 50E, (2) PB-72 or (2) PBX-72(3) 50F, (4) PB-72 or, (4) PBX-72 
DLight Manufacturing, Animal Facility, Smoking Casino, Nail/Beauty Salon, Food Processing Facility100E200E50E50F(2) 50E(2) 50F(4) 50F
EIndustrial Facility, Heavy Manufacturing, Garbage Room200D50E50F(2) 50E(2) 50F(3) 50F(6) 50F
FOdors and Chemicals Typical of a Waste Water Treatment Facility

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How Does Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Work?

The PURE-Plasma ionizer produces millions of posibipolar ionization explainer imagetive and negatively charged oxygen ions.

The ions travel through a building’s HVAC duct system and into rooms throughout the building where they interact with airborne particles, viruses, germs and gaseous contaminants.

Charged ions are drawn to those contaminants and connect to them to balance their charge.

When they contact with those contaminants they trigger cell oxidation, reducing airborne mold, bacteria and virus cells.

The ions break down gases, eliminating VOCs and odors.

When these airborne particles join together, they cluster into larger particles, which can now be caught by the filter and removed from the air flow

Pure Plasma Brochure: View PDF

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7000 Series

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Control Panels

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