Bipolar Ionizers for HVAC Improves IAQ

Needlepoint Ionizers HVC IAQ

The effect HVAC systems have on IAQ has always been an important consideration for business owners. In recent times, however, the effect these systems have on the spread of pathogens has been well documented. Business owners should understand that bipolar ionizers for HVAC improve IAQ in buildings by destroying pathogens like the coronavirus. 

The health of both staff and visitors is essential to the successful operation of a business. Using effective tools in the fight against the spread of viruses is away to ensure their safety. For example, needlepoint bipolar ionizers mounted on existing HVAC systems release millions of positive and negative atoms in the ductwork. These atoms form clusters around bacteria, mold, and viruses and trigger cell oxidation. This renders the pathogens ineffective while also making them easier to catch in filters. Bipolar ionization also targets volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reduces odors.

Benefits of Bipolar Ionization for HVAC IAQ

  • Reduces outside air intake which lowers HVAC-related energy costs.
  • Easy to install on existing HVAC systems (in-house engineering support also available).
  • Lengthens filter lifespans and increases their efficiency.
  • Reduces up to 95% of chemical and VOC gases released by building materials, furniture, paint, cleaning agents, and office equipment.
  • Reduces smoke, pollen, dust, and other allergens.

HVAC Bipolar Ionizer IAQ Solutions

Bipolar ionizers provide HVAC and IAQ solutions for any building including: 

  • Residential
  • Institutional
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

The COVID-19 pandemic will end, but others may come. Of course, allergens and bacteria will always be a threat. Needlepoint bipolar ionizers destroy these pathogens thus lowering the health risks. They also kill fungi, bacteria, black mold, and dust mites.

HVAC and IAQ Solutions

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