Bed Bug Light for Hotels and B&Bs

Bed Bug UV Detection Light

There’s no question, bed bugs are a nuisance. These tiny insects hide in the seams of mattresses and box springs, as well as bed frames and even electric appliances. Their bites leave itchy, red rashes. Using a bed bug UV light is an effective way to identify these bothersome bugs in hotels and B&Bs. Detection is also possible with a bed bug detection kit.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs, known by their scientific name Cimex lectularius L., are tiny insects that feed on blood. Their main source of this blood is humans. While they don’t spread disease, they are a nuisance and their bites leave itchy red marks on the skin. Some people may even experience allergic reactions to bed bugs. 

Bed bugs move from hotel rooms and B&Bs to homes by hiding in clothes that are then put into luggage. They arrive at new locations when someone with an infestation moves from one house or apartment to another. They also travel from room to room and from apartment to apartment throughout buildings. Detecting these pests is the first step in getting rid of them.

Two products that help people control bed bug infestations include a bed bug detection light and a bed bug detection kit.

bed bug test kit
A UV light helps with bed bug identification.

Bed Bug Light

Bed Bug LightBed bugs thrive in warm weather so the summer months are prime-time for infestations. It’s also a time when many of us travel on vacation. This increases the risk of bed bug exposure, however, a bed bug detection light helps identify these insects in hotel and motel rooms, air bnbs, and bed and breakfasts. Use the light to inspect the room before unpacking. 

When UV light from a bed bug detection light reflects off of the phosphors in the bed bug’s exoskeleton it makes it appear fluorescent. This makes detection easier. A UV light does not kill bed bugs, however. It is not a treatment for an infestation, it is simply a tool for detection. 

Using a UV Light

There are a few things to keep in mind when using a Bed Bug UV Light. First, take care not to disturb the mattress before the inspection. Flipping over a mattress sends the bugs scurrying which may prevent detection. 

Before using the light, clean up the surrounding area. Pick up any clothes, books, or other items and remove them from the room. Some items may need separate treatment if the presence of the bugs is detected.

Remove all the bedding and bag it up for later inspection. 

Use the bed bug UV light to look in the seams and crevices of the mattress and box springs. Look in the bed frame as well. Look in cracks, joints, seams, and other small openings. If you find a bed bug, place it in a zip lock bag and show it to the hotel manager or B&B owner. You don’t want to stay in that room and risk bringing bed bugs home with you.


Bed Bug Test Kit
A bed bug detection kit reveals the presence of these pests.

Bed Bug Detection Kit

Bed bugs are tiny insects but not so small that they can’t be seen by the naked eye. However, they hide during the day and fit into the smallest of cracks. This makes detection difficult. What you may see instead are small blood stains on the sheets or pillowcases. If you’ve spent the night in a hotel and wake up with an itchy rash or blisters this may have been caused by their bites. If you suspect you have an infestation then a bed bug test kit and UV light help you find out for sure. 

A bed bug test kit is an effective way to inspect for bed bugs at hotels and B&Bs so you won’t bring them home with you. These kits are affordable and contain collection devices for three locations. One should be placed in the bedroom, of course, but also in the living room of an Airbnb or other room with couches or upholstered furniture.

The detector lures bed bugs towards it and traps them. If you find bed bugs in your detector, you should show it to the hotel manager or B&B owner then find other accommodations. 


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