Air Purifier Placement: 7 Tips for Best Results

Air Purifier Placement

The correct placement of an air-cleaning device improves efficiency by up to 20 percent so it’s an important part of improving the indoor air quality of your home or office. Even if you place identical models of air cleaners in the same building, they will operate differently and get different results. Read on for more tips on air purifier placement.

7 Tips for Air Purifier Placement

It’s not enough to use an air purifier. It must also be used correctly and that involves proper placement. Portable models are great for meeting specific needs in different rooms. Move them to where they’re needed most. Here are 7 tips to help you get the most out of your air purifier. 

1. Close to the Source

It makes sense to place the air purifier close to the offending source. That could be a cat’s litter box for example or in the room where someone smokes. The closer the device is to the contaminant, the more efficiently it operates. 

AeraMax Pro 3 HEPA filter
Better air filter placement gets better results.

2. Off the Ground

Air purifier placement off of the ground gets better results. From three to five feet is recommended. An air cleaning device that includes a stand makes this easy. If you place a model on a shelf or table it has a better chance of ridding the air or pollutants such as dust and mold spores.

3. Not in a Corner

Air cleaners need room to operate. They shouldn’t be placed in the corner of the room or in tight areas. They are also more effective with doors and windows closed. With increased airflow coming in from outside or another room this also pulls in more dust and other particles which makes the air purifier work harder. 

4. Away from Electronics

Air purifier placement that is too close to other electric appliances could result in interference. It won’t damage your devices, however, but it may produce unwanted static in television sets, radios, and stereo systems which should be avoided if at all possible.

5. Away from Moisture

Air purifiers do not like moisture so that rules out steamy bathrooms and warm kitchens. This seems counter-intuitive as rooms with high humidity provide excellent conditions for mold to grow and spread, but if the air purifier absorbs too much moisture it causes damage over the long term. It also causes the device to work harder to create airflow and reduces the capacity of the filter. Air purifier placement in the same room as a humidifier helps, just keep them at opposite ends of the room. 

6. In Places with High Airflow

To get the most out of your air purifier, place it in an area that provides as much airflow as possible. Placing it near a door or window has advantages. Keeping it off the ground and out of the corner is also important, as we mentioned earlier. Not only is moving air helpful for operation, but it also contains larger particles. It lifts pollutants such as dust and mold and carries them throughout the room and from room to room. Tackling these particles at entry points cleans the air faster.

6. Away from Obstacles

As we mentioned, air-cleaning devices need proper airflow so place them away from objects such as furniture. If you place the device on a desk, cabinet, or bookshelves move objects away from them so air flows in and out easily. 

Get Cleaner Air with Correct Air Purifier Placement

A model like the AeraMax Professional AM III with Floor Stand can be placed in the bedroom, living room, or dining room. It’s also great for the classroom or office. It uses EnviroSmart™ Technology to detect different conditions in the rooms such as sound, motion, even odors then adjusts to meet the specific needs of the room at any given time. It uses a filter system that includes both a 3/8-inch carbon filter and a 2-inch True HEPA filter. The floor stand allows you to keep the device off the ground, but it also features mounts for placement and hardwiring directly into the wall.

More on Air Purifier Placement

We hope that helps you find the ideal spot for your air purifier. If you still have questions about placement, what type of air filter to purchase, or what kind of replacement filters to use, give us a call at 727-572-4550.