Coronavirus Environmental Testing

Coronavirus Environmental Testing

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has given building and facilities managers a lot to think about. Keeping building staff and visitors safe is a top priority. It is now easy for managers to conduct coronavirus surface testing and get fast, accurate results within days., in partnership with EDLabs, developed an easy-to-use DIY test that uses RNA gene expression to detect the coronavirus. Samples get collected with an aseptic swab. Five- and 10-swab test kits are available. The swabs are for use on hard surfaces in high-traffic areas such as lobbies, break rooms, hallways, and bathrooms for the Coronavirus Environmental Testing.

Hard surfaces to collect samples from include:

  • Door handles
  • Handrails
  • Elevator buttons
  • Desks and countertops
  • Phones, copy machines, and other shared office equipment

The coronavirus surface test swabs get sent to EDLabs in a provided padded envelope within 72 hours. The lab uses RT-qPCR technology for a positive or negative result. A user-friendly report gets returned within 3-5 business days, but faster results may be available. This report from EDLabs helps stakeholders develop their disinfection plans.

The Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) performs coronavirus surface testing in their accredited lab using RT-qPCR technology. This process uses an RNA “fingerprint” to detect for the presence or absence of SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. Surface testing is an important part of risk assessment and helps control the spread of infection. Results are precise, consistent, and repeatable.

Once completed, EDLabs sends a full report in 3-5 business days. In the event that the test detects the virus, building and facilities managers can develop a plan for remediation. The test is also helpful for monitoring progress in ongoing decontamination efforts. Tests are also used as a part of risk assessments to show that a building is safe for occupancy. 

The coronavirus surface test also gives stakeholder peace of mind. If the virus is absent it shows that social distancing and disinfection plans are working. With the presence of coronavirus, building managers can tackle the problem head-on with the end goal of keeping building occupants safe. For more information or to purchase a coronavirus surface test kit, call us at  727-572-4550.